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How to Care for a Christmas Tree

Norway spruce tree

The Norway Spruce is a popular choice for Christmas
Image courtesy National Christmas Tree Association


The first thing to do after you have bought your Christmas tree is to get it home and into its stand as quickly as possible.  A Christmas tree should never be mounted dry, but rather in a container of water that is replenished on a regular basis.  Using a small hand-saw, cut about an inch off the bottom at a slight angle to aid water absorption.  Make sure the tree is mounted securely in its stand and that the tree itself is positioned away from open flames or heat sources which may dry it out prematurely.

After your tree has been mounted, the decorating begins.  A properly maintained Christmas tree is not a particular fire hazard, but common sense is important too.  Candles or open-flame ornaments of any kind are never, ever to be used.  Check strings of lights to ensure that the bulbs are working properly, that the cords are not frayed and that the connections are secure.  Discard any that look questionable and replace with new strings.  Never leave lights on when no one is at home Once your tree is up and decorated, sit back and enjoy.  Or get to work on those last minute presents! is brought to you by
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